Self Tan

Self Tan Lotion and Spray Tan systems available.

Environ's Self Tan builds up a light and natural looking tan without exposure to harmful UV rays. Ideal for olive skins.
Your skin must be prepared prior to the treatment commencing in salon. The skin on the body must be prepared with Derma-Lac (together with EssentiA Oil or Body Cream) daily for one week prior to treatment.
You must shower before the treatment and not apply any creams or oils. The Self Tan Lotion is to be applied to clean skin.
Avoid contact with clothes while product is damp on the skin
Avoid water contact for at least 2 hours after the treatment

Full Body Environ Self Tan Lotion (1h) £45
½ Body Environ Self Tan Lotion (30min) £30

Face: Pre-Cleanse, Exfoliate, Secondary Cleanse, Tone, Self Tan, Debut on face and neck and Rad on sun exposed areas.
Body: Self Tan, EssentiA on the body and decollete and Rad on sun exposed areas.

SunSpa sunspray is specially designed to give you a natural tan whatever your skin type. SunSpa's sunspray applies to all skin types in a fine mist to give a natural looking tan. Application is through an airbrush driven by a compressor - or as a top-up in the form of an aerosol (Tan-in-a-Can).
To ensure a good tan you have to exfoliate and moisturize your skin the night before having the tanning treatment.
Leave your tan as long as possible before showering. Ideally 12 hours or overnight. This will give the tan a chance to fully develop. Do not panic if you see a lot of brown colour wash off the first time you shower. This is just the cosmetic colour guide and washing it off will revealyour fabulous SunSpa Tan underneath.

Full Body (2 Applications) (45min each) £45
½ Body (2 Applications) (30min each) £27
Full Body (Top Up) (45min) £27
½ Body (Top Up) (30min) £16


self tan

Self Tan Advice

Not suitable in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy and whilst breast feeding.
To ensure the best results from your tanning treatment you should take some time to prepare your skin and
you should also take a note of aftercare advice which will increase the life of your tan:
Wear dark, loose clothes and flip-flops and avoid wearing tight or abrasive clothing such as jeans
and boots following the tanning treatment to avoid
excessive rubbing.
Avoid any treatments which open the pores of your skin (waxing) in the preceding 24 hrs before your treatment to reduce the chance of any possible skin irritation.
Do not apply deodorant or perfum before or straight after the treatment.
Do not shower for at least 8 hours and avoid bathing and any activity that will induce perspiration during the 8 hours development time.
Moisturise your skin regulary after the treatment but do not use creams containing AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid).
Do not take long baths and do not rub your skin dry with a towel after showers or baths.
Avoid swimming pools or sea water and excessive exercising and perspiring and tight clothing that may rub excessively. This help slow the natural exfoliation rate of your skin and prolong the tan.

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