Jane Iredale - Eye Shadows

A pressed mineral eye shadow that provides colour that lasts with ingredients that are good for your skin. Made from Micronised Minerals, it also contains antioxidants such as Pine Bark Extract, an effective free radical scavenger and preservative and Pomegranate Extract, a potent natural antioxidant containing ellagic acid, which protects skin cells from the aging effects of free radical damage. Jane Iredale Eye Shadow has a high level of mineral colour pigment and so the colour stays true and adheres to the skin perfectly.



Jane Iredale - Mascaras


Gentle and caring to the lashes which make them suitable for even the most sensitive of eyes. They contain Dex-Panthenol in liposome form, so that with every swipe you add a conditioner to your lashes. Simply choose which product and colour are right for you and with the top quality brush you'll be sure to get even coverage and lashes that are separated.




Jane Iredale Liquid Eye Liner

It will amaze you with its saturated colour and real staying power, to create looks that go all through the day and into the night. The specially designed brush has a long handle that allows easy and controlled application. This liner is so easy to apply you won't have any trouble getting the perfect eye you're looking for!
With a non-irritating formula that utilizes iron oxides as colouring agents and is free of ferric Ferro cyanides and parabens, it's everything you want a liquid liner to be!



Jane Iredale Cream to Powder Eyeliner
Has a creamy formula which is easily applied. Use with an eyeliner brush for an easy smooth line that stays where you put it or it can be smudged for a fast and simple smokey-eyed look. The Jane Iredale Cream to Powder Eyeliner contains Hydrated Silica which keeps the liner moist but allows it to dry when on the skin enabling a powder finish. Can also be used as an eye shadow and for brows.


Jane Iredale Eye Pencil

Soft formula which lends itself to blending, made with conditioning oils and waxes and collared with protective pigments. They are perfectly interchangeable between eyes and lips.



Jane Iredale Eye Highlighter Pencil
A dual-ended pencil, white on one end and pink on the other. It is a soft formula which lends itself to blending, made with conditioning oils and waxes and collared with protective pigments.
When you apply the white side to the inside eye ledge, it makes the eye appear bigger and brighter. When you apply the pink side inside the ledge it gives a soft, radiant effect, especially with green eyes.
Comes with its own jumbo sized sharpener.

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