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An essential part of well-applied makeup is the proper tools; brushes comprise the largest part of those tools. Jane Iredale have designed their brushes specifically for their makeup to ensure that you get the best results from all of their products. These are the same brushes that Jane Iredale makeup artists use. Most of the brushes are made from high quality animal hair. No animal is killed or harmed in making the brushes.




Jane Iredale Flocked Sponge

A non-latex sponge with a nap that glides across the skin. Applies and blends minerals like no other sponge




Jane Iredale Magic Mitt


Jane Iredale Magic Mitt promotes the health of the skin beacuse it does not affect the skin's naural acid mantle. When this beneficial barer is intact it helps the skin to protect itself from harmful bacteria. Washable and long lasting. Removes all make-up using warm water only. Leave skin squeeky clean! No need for a cleanser

Jane Iredale Blotting Papers

Jane Iredale Blotting Papers are made from 100 percent natural flax seeds, which are more absorbent than traditional rice paper or linen. Jane Iredale Facial Blotting Papers absorb excess oil on the face without disturbing makeup or depositing additional product onto the skin. These absorbent flax seed sheets instantly tame shine to reveal a fresh, matte face that's always ready for that big close-up



Botanical Brush Cleaner

Uses natural cleaning agents. Keeps brushes feeling soft and new. For both natural hair and synthetic brushes. Contains seaweed extracts to condition the brush hairs so they don't dry out. The grapefruit oil and grapefruit seed extract are anti-microbial.






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